Customer management

Customer management

Yes, you can set this in the administration of your branch. In the tab "Appointment booking by customers" you can limit the number customer booking of appointments in the future. With the setting "1 appointment", you specify that a customer can only book one appointment at a time. A booking is only possible again if he no longer has an appointment. If you change the setting to "2 appointments", the customer can book up to two appointments in advance, at "3 appointments" he can book three, etc.
A registered customer can view, cancel or postpone his appointments. For a guest booking, a customer cannot cancel or postpone the appointment via the system. Without registration, the customer can only cancel via the cancellation link contained in the booking confirmation.

As a service provider, you can of course postpone or cancel the appointment at any time. If the customer has specified his e-mail address during the guest booking, a notification about the postponement or cancellation will also be sent to them. If desired, this option can be disabled.
If a customer has entered an e-mail or mobile phone number, booked appointments as well as cancellations and moved appointments can be confirmed immediately by e-mail and / or SMS. Employees are informed about bookings, cancellations and movements by the system. In addition, both the employee and the customer can receive an appointment reminder. You can determine how long in advance the reminders are sent. To do this, click on "Administration" in the main menu. In the settings of your branch, scroll down to the second section. There you will see four tabs, of which you choose "Date Reminder". The option "Time of the e-mail / SMS reminder" allows you to set the appropriate time frame.
There is currently no invoicing function available for bookingtime.